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About us

We are a company from Slovenia EU, VI-DA Studio,  that was founded in 1995 in order to provide quality health services in the field of occupational therapy. Director of company is occupational therapist Vida Potočnik. Before that she worked for many years in the Clinical center in Ljubljana at the department of plastic surgery and burns.

In the company they are employed also two occupational therapist.

In VI-DA studio we perform occupational therapy arms after injuries and surgeries in order to return full function.  Individually we manufactured static and dynamic splints custom made for the prevention and  reduction of rigidity of joints. We are making splints ​​for athletes and in this way you can shorten the period of absence from the game due to injury.  We acquired necessary concession to perform these services for the entire country. We also services performed self-funding.

With the treatment of fresh and old scars we achieved good results. In the context of our medical activities we also offer tui-na Chinese massage, biospectrum therapy, computer diagnostics quantum therapy, body detoxification and medical consulting.

VI-DA studio d.o.o. is  for many years also the exclusive agent products for natural cosmetics, food supplements  Klamath algae, probiotics and enzymes, hyaluronic acid, silicone patches.

We are exclusive importer for Swiss natural cosmetics 21 years, for food supplements 15 years. The marketing of silicon products we started 3 years ago.

In this context, we also have our online store and own shop. With our customers we have a lot of contact also through social networks such as Facebook, website, mailings.

We market products through retail and wholesale. Our wholesale customers are over 100 pharmacies, specialized stores and other stores. We cooperate with different therapists and healthcare professionals.

We have  excellent credit rating A1++.

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